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Le réseau des professionnels concernés par la santé et le bien être des enfants, des jeunes et de leurs familles
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Pour joindre le bureau, appelez au : 514-412-4449

Pour envoyer une télécopie : 514-412-4337

Services offerts :

Provides a variety of services, from inpatient to outpatient clinics, for children and adolescents up to the age of 18 who suffer from a broad range of emotional or behavioral problems, including problems that are family and/or school-related.

The hospital-based services consist of the Pediatric Psychiatry Care Program that provides crisis stabilization and assessment in the inpatient unit for children and adolescents, and day hospital programs where intensive short-term treatment is given. The Consultation Liaison Service offers brief interventions to patients admitted to the medical and surgical units, and ongoing consultation to services providing care to children with serious, chronic disease.   On weekdays, the Mental Health Emergency Room Team provides urgent psychiatric assessment, crisis intervention, and liaison with services offered in the community for ongoing follow-up. In addition, a psychiatrist on call covers the Emergency Room on evenings and weekends.

The Out-patient Psychiatry Service includes general psychiatry clinics and specialized clinics in areas such as attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism and pervasive developmental disorders, behavioral pediatrics, and substance abuse. Clinics are staffed by multidisciplinary teams of professionals that include psychiatrists, psycho-educators, psychologists, nurses, social workers, and occupational therapists. Telehealth services are available on demand.

Chef de service : Dr. Éric Fombonne, Director

Personnel :

Jocelyne Albert, CNS
Dr. Lila Amirali
Dr. Constantin Benierakis
Dr. Joyce Canfield Sonia Castiglione, CNS
Dr. Éric Fombonne, Director
Dr. Martin Gauthier
Dr. Brian Greenfield
Dr. Arlene Hagen
Dr. Al Hausfather
Dr. Lily Hechtman
Dr. Maria Kapuscinska
Dr. Fiona Key
Dr. Michèle Larose
Dr. Toby Measham
Donna Murray, Head Nurse
Dr. Lucie Nadeau
Michèle Paquette, CNS
Dr. Ruth Russell
Dr. Mounir Samy
Dr. Lara Stern
Donalda Thébaud, CNS
Dr. Ashley Wazana