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Configuration of the portal:

In my previous entry I told you how I could manage the entire portal from the Control Panel.

In this entry I wanted to show you how you can configure the preferences of your portal.

There is a file called with all the parameters you can configure for your portal. Please be advised, you should not modify this file. Instead, create a file and you can overwrite these properties there (More information about this here).

Have a look at this file to see everything you can do. You will probably find this page very

New Control Panel!!

I am very excited about this! Administrating the portal with a few clicks is now very easy, you just have to acces the Control Panel in the dock menu (top right) to do any of the following things:

  • Manage users, organizations and communities
  • Create or assign roles
  • Manage the content (Articles, blogs, wikis...)
  • Add new plugins
  • Update my account
  • Change the settings of the portal and the server
  • ...

Did I tell you how much I love being the Administrator since I have this amazing Control Panel?

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