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The Most Popular Strains in Use Today

There are several popular hybrid cannabis strains, but the two most common are indica and sativa. The two broadest classes of medical cannabis have been defined by researchers in the late 1800s. After noticing striking physical and psychological differences between various plants from different geographic areas, strains were then classified as indica or sativa. Knowing the major differences between the two and other varieties of cannabis will help you and your caregivers to identify the ideal cannabis strains for your special health concerns. Indica, which is native to North America, is most commonly used for treating glaucoma, cancer, and MS (Multiple Sclerosis) while sativa, which was developed in Asia, is now cultivated in different parts of Europe, Australia, and the United States.

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The two major cannabis strain families include Sativa (Cannabis indica) and Indica (Cannabis sativa). Each one exhibits distinct physical traits as well as individual disease causing characteristics. While Sativa is more physically active and has a tendency to produce thick, dark stems as well as hairs, Indica tends towards a shorter height, thinner hair, and greater retention of moisture. Additionally, Indica has a shorter lifespan than Sativa; thus, the older plants tend to be more delicate. In addition, Indica displays a higher percentage of CBD, the compound responsible for marijuana’s relaxing and euphoric effects.

Although all cannabis strains should be tested by a trained professional before consumption, those who have experienced firsthand the benefits of each type should share their stories. Some of the most popular and successful medicinal cannabis strains include Lemon Skunk, Haze, and Cheese Cat. All three varieties have distinct characteristics that set them apart from one another. Lemon Skunk, for example, is often compared to a cross between a Thai and German strains. You can order weed here, and this specific variety has been shown to reduce nausea, appetite suppression, and pain within the body; however, its leaves can be toxic if ingested in large amounts.

Haze is another very popular and effective medicinal marijuana strain. Often compared to the legendary St. Valentine, Haze is a highly potent hybrid that produces a sweet citrus aroma as well as sedation and mood-lifting effects. Like many Sativa varieties, Haze is a Sativa-dominant plant. Unlike indica, Haze does not cause the respiratory tract to become congested. The leaves of Haze are only mildly acidic, making this strain highly beneficial for medical use as well as for culinary use.

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Perhaps the most interesting among the cannabis strains is Kush, or “K bud.” Also commonly referred to as Kush is the most highly regarded strain in terms of quality. Considered to be the finest strain in terms of potency and taste, Kush originated in Asia. Chempak is highly prized in the because it is highly powerful and has a highly distinctive smell. However, it is often reported that Chempak leaves cause no negative side effects when smoked.

In terms of overall impact and use, the three most common cannabis strains are indica, sativa, and kush. Each strain exhibits its own benefits and potential issues, depending on the individual user. It is important to consider the individual differences of these plants before deciding which type is best suited for the needs of the person. In no way are these three strains listed to be definitive of which is best for each individual; rather they are simply some of the more popular strains in use today.

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