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The Miracle Tea: Essiac Tea for Cancer Treatment

In the 1920s a nurse cured thousands of patients diagnosed with cancer in Canada, her weapon? A rare tea made by using four ingredients. Burdock Root, Sheep Sorrel, Turkey Rhubarb (a Chinese medicinal wonder) and Slippery Elm are the ingredients required. These together form the Essiac tea. The nurse was taught this recipe by the Canadian Ojibwa Indians.

Rene Caisse had dealt with cancer patients for years. She was also sent to prison for challenging the drug companies in Canada. She gained a lot of success in her field and had efficiently treated a number of patients. She was even more popular for taking zero charges for her services.

essiac tea

Her treatments gained mas popularity but in 1938 she was penalized for such activities. A furor thus ensued, and a number of people signed petitions in support of her work, the numbers of supporters were an estimated 55,000 people. Essiac tea proved to be quite the medicine. In Ontario a bill was presented, to help her continue her benevolent practice, but it lost the battle only for three signatures. Caisse’s name was spelled backwards I order to derive the name of the tea. In 1978, her funeral was arranged. She died at the age of 90. A woman was scrutinized for illegal and unlicensed medicinal practice was so important that hundreds of patients, showed up for her funeral. She was the woman, who created the infamous Essiac tea and saved hundreds of lives.

The Chinese government has tested this tea since Rene Caisse’s times. And now they have named it as one of the most potent medicines to cure cancer. This news however has not been accepted by a number of big drug companies such as Big Pharma. The reason being, the chances of huge losses in terms of economy, as selling medicines to cancer patients attribute to a large part of their income. Essiac tea could destroy their sale significantly.

The Original Recipe

The following recipe is the original one. But you can consult your doctor and make sure you are using the right ingredients for yourself or a loved one.

  1. Take 6 ½ cups of cut burdock root
  2. Take 1 pound of grounded sheep sorrel
  3. Take ¼ pound of powdered bark of slippery elm.
  4. And 1 ounce of powdered root of Turkish rhubarb.


The next thing to do is mix them thoroughly, but this must be done in a dark and dry cupboard. In a measuring cup take 1 ounce of the mixture and add 32 ounces of water which may vary according to the amount you want to make. Then, boil it for about 10 minutes and keep it covered. Then let the mixture soak overnight in a covered utensil. Heat it again in the morning and then let it settle for a while. Strain it into hot bottles and let it cool. This must be stored in a cool cupboard and once you start using it refrigerate the rest. So there you go, you have the recipe of Essiac tea, one of the world’s most potent cancer killers.

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