Transcultural Communication in Health Care
Since 1986, the Multiculturalism Program at The Montreal Children’s Hospital, the first of its kind in Canada, has been reaching out to immigrant families and helping them cope with illness by promoting cross-cultural sensitivity within the healthcare system. Almost two decades later, the program has maintained the same objective: to sensitize healthcare professionals to the importance of different ethno-cultural beliefs and practices related to illness. Interpreters working as cultural liaisons in over 50 different languages and dialects are working to integrate various cultural beliefs into hospital treatment and assessment.

In addition to interpreter services, the Multiculturalism program offers numerous information and sensitivity training sessions by request for healthcare professionals. The Child, Youth and Family Health Network can provide access to these sessions via its Telehealth videoconference services.

Interpreters provide services in the following languages and dialects
Amharic Hungarian Serbo-Croatian
Albanian Japanese Sign (LSQ)
Arabic Khmer Singhalese
Armenian Korean Spanish
Bengali Laotian Somalian
Bulgarian Mandarin Swahili
Cantonese Min-Nan Tamil
Creole Persian Tagalog
Dari Polish Thai
Farsi Portuguese Turkish
French Pullar Twi
Greek Punjabi Urdu
Gujarati Rumanian Vietnamese
Hebrew Russian Yiddish
To view statistics on various languages interpreted at the MCH for 2003-2004 click here.

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