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How Is Medical Cannabis Helping with Alzheimer’s Treatment?

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According to a latest research it has been seen that Ontario cannabis clinic contains important cannabinoids in them such as CBD and THC. However, CBD’s therapeutic properties are able to help with alzheimers treatment. Basically, it is able to slow down the process of the neurodegenerative disease instead of curing the disease completely. Scientists believe that even if the rate of the disease gets slowed down, individuals suffering from this disease would get immensely benefitted.

Even though FDA approved the usage of medical marijuana for the treatment of Alzheimer’s, still many organizations like the American Medical Association are still skeptical about using medical cannabis for treatment of different health conditions. However, a recent study showed that THC and CBD are both responsible for slowing down the production of a protein known as Beta-amyloid. It is assumed that this protein is responsible for deteriorating the condition of Alzheimer’s patient. Hence, when cannabinoids restrict the growth of the protein, the disease can be kept under control.

Alternative Treatment

For Alzheimers treatment many people consider that going for conventional treatment is the best solution. However, as the success rate of conventional treatment being not very successful, many patients are turning to alternative treatment in order to treat the neurodegenerative disease. The reason towards the shift is also due to the fact that conventional treatment brought a lot of side effects. Whatever might be the reason, natural remedies for treating Alzheimer’s is gaining a lot of attention.

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How Medical Cannabis Is Helping Out?

In order to treat Alzheimer’s, Ontario cannabis clinic can be of great help. The extract from the oil contains important cannabinoids in them. The cannabinoids like THC is responsible to reduce the amount of beta amyloid in the brain and it also drastically reduced the inflammatory response of the nerve cells. If the nerve cells stopped responding to the beta amyloid, it could easily survive.

Alzheimer’s treatment is a degenerative disease that slowly destroys the thinking skills as well as memory. Even though the disease starts with mild symptoms, it slowly starts to degrade with passage of time. Although there is no cure for alzheimers treatment medical cannabis can easily slow down the symptoms.

According to studies, it has been seen that THC when combined with CBD can have better therapeutic effect on Alzheimer. Both of the cannabinoids are responsible for having psychoactive effect on the disease by decreasing gliosis. On the other hand, when the THC content stimulates the neural plaques, the disease can be kept under control.

Another compound of cannabis is also helpful in treating Alzheimer’s disease. The compound is responsible for slowing down the process of cell death through the process of apoptosis. However, when THC used in amalgamation with CBD can help in reducing oxidative injury, inflammatory events and also degeneration of the brain. When medical cannabis is used for Alzheimer’s treatment, it can be far more effective.

Alzheimer’s patients can easily improve their quality of life and manage their symptoms with the help of Ontario cannabis clinic. The amazing properties of medical cannabis are helpful for Alzheimer’s treatment. When the disease progresses at a slow rate, it would help an Alzheimer patient to improve their life.

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