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Canada Revises the Medical Admissibility Rules for the Immigrants

The Government of Canada is known to have announced some major changes in relation to the medical report inadmissibility rules for the candidates that are applying for immigration are expected to reduce the number of refusals to a great extent.

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The changes stop short of recommendations for the Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration of the Parliament in order to abolish Section 38-1(c) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act that will bar anyone who might be expected to cause a demand on the social or health services.

Whilst agreeing with the call for repealing the saying and policy it will take steps to do it at a later date. IRCC or Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada have now tripled the threshold for what is considered to be an excessive demand.

In the year 2017, the cost threshold for the demand was to be considered excessive by around $6000 per year or $33,000 over a period of five years. On the basis of these figures, the cost threshold is now going to be $19,000 per year.

IRCC has mentioned that the change which will be effective from June 1 will dispense with maximum medical inadmissibility cases that are being seen in Canada today. Moreover, IRCC mentions that it is mending the definition of social service just by removing the references to social and vocational rehabilitation services and special education along with personal support services. These amendments are going to benefit the hearing and visual impairments.

As per IRCC, about 1000 applicants for temporary or immigration medical exam are ruled inadmissible for medical report reasons every year or about 0.2% of the applicants who go through medical screening. The savings from the ruling will amount to 0.1% percent of the publicly funded health expenditure in Canada.

Old Rules Is Out of Step with the Canada Values

In a news release IRCC said that the old criteria were out of step with a 21st century approach to people with having the medical report with disabilities. Most of the people who had been affected are people who would other be approved in an economic immigration class and chosen for the benefit of the skills will bring to the Canadian economy.

Amending the social service definition is going to bring about the policy in accordance with the Canadian values on supporting the participation of the people with the medical report of disabilities in the society while they continue to protect the social and health services that have been publicly protected.

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The critics of old policy have said that it was at odds with the UN Conventions on the Right if person with the disabilities that Canada has ratified in the year 2010. Canada Immigration Minister have said that the revision have brought the policy in line with the pledge. The changes which have been announced today have taken a major step to ensuring that the immigration system is more inclusive of the disabilities in the medical report and is going to reflect the values of the Canadians.

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