Better Links for Better Care

Better Links for Better Care

The Child, Youth and Family Health Network, in association with The Montreal Children’s Hospital, offers telehealth services to its partners throughout Quebec. Sophisticated telecommunication and information technologies mean that patients can access quality health care closer to home – and very soon – at home. Real-time consultations, diagnostic tests, conferences and medical rounds at a distance are all possible thanks to the telehealth services.

The main objectives of the MUHC Telehealth program are to emphasize:

improvement of access to health care for patients
support offered to health care providers in outlying and/or remote areas (click here to watch cardiologist Dr. Marie Béland as she provides a teleconsultation for a patient in Northern Quebec)
access to specialized services which are not offered in the region (click here in order to upload list of activities – available only in French)
reduction of costs and travel time of patients to access services (click here in order to view document)
use of Telehealth technology to ensure professional training and development for healthcare professionals in remote areas (click here in order to watch Dr. Francine Ducharme as she provides teaching by videoconferencing)

You will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader to view all PDF files. Click here to download the latest version.

* Windows Media or Apple QuickTime software is required to play online video. Please click to install Windows Media player or QuickTime player

List of institutions where videoconferencing is available

Click HERE in order the view the list (in PDF format – available in French only)

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